Questions to Ask When Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a difficult and sensitive process. Your rights to your assets and children can be protected as you navigate the legal difficulties of ending your marriage with the assistance of an experienced attorney. By reaching an amicable settlement outside of court, an expert lawyer can help lower the expense of your divorce. In a number of family law cases, such as child custody, property division, and alimony, an experienced attorney may help. By handling problems like restraining orders and other domestic abuse-related difficulties, they may also assist you in getting ready for life following divorce.

Selecting a qualified divorce attorney in Augusta necessitates giving serious thought to your particular requirements and situation. The top divorce attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in handling every facet of your case, including asset distribution, child custody, spousal support, and child support. Additionally, confirm that your lawyer is knowledgeable about the laws and customs of the area. Contact Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm today at (706) 914-2904 for your Free Initial Consultation with our Augusta Divorce Lawyer!

You may obtain answers to your concerns and guidance through the Georgia divorce procedure from an attorney with expertise and understanding. They may assist you in completing divorce agreements and will stand in for you in court to resolve property, debt, and maintenance disputes. They are also capable of managing court orders and appeals.

In Georgia, an uncontested divorce is less expensive and takes less time than a contentious divorce. To make sure the agreement satisfies all legal standards, it is crucial to go over its contents with your lawyer. If you have a lot of debt or assets, you should also speak with an estate planning attorney to help with your divorce.

Fulcher Hagler LLP was established in 1946 and provides services to clients around the country. Its staff of knowledgeable Augusta family lawyers can assist you in negotiating and resolving matters pertaining to property distribution, visitation rights, child custody, and protection from domestic abuse, among other things. In addition, they may help with adoptions, supervised visits, legitimation and paternity concerns, and prenuptial agreements.

Families in Augusta and the surrounding areas may get family law assistance from Tyrone J. Walls Law Office. The firm’s legal staff offers assistance in disputed and uncontested divorce cases, in addition to other family law situations including property distribution, spousal support, and child custody and visitation. It can also help you with situations involving real estate, criminal law, personal injury, and probate.

In Georgia, Amanda M. Bellotti is an accomplished lawyer that assists clients with matters pertaining to family law and divorce. Her goal is to assist her customers in arriving at a decision as fast as possible without interfering with their daily life. She has handled hundreds of family law matters and is a member of the American Academy of Family Law Attorneys. She can also assist you with other legal issues including property partition, grandparents’ rights, and custody conflicts. She has been in practice since 2009 and holds a license to practice in all state courts.