A Child Custody Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Rights

Child Custody AttorneyA child custody case is often the most complicated and emotional issue in a divorce or legal separation. It involves decisions about a child or children’s home life, schedule, and contact with each parent. An experienced child custody attorney can help you understand your rights and work with the other party in a dispute to reach a reasonable agreement. In the end, however, the best interests of your child are always the primary consideration.

There are several different types of child custody arrangements available, including joint, sole, and physical custody. The Court may also make orders governing visitation rights. In any case, the judge must make an order that is in the best interests of your child. In determining that, the Court will examine many factors including:

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In most cases, the Court will award both parents legal custody of the child or children. This means that the child will live primarily with one parent while visiting with the other. The other parent will be entitled to significant time on a regular basis, usually every other weekend and some weeknights during the school year, with visitation rights on holidays and summer break.

Some parents choose to share physical custody, which allows them both to spend significant periods of time with the child or children. This type of arrangement is more common when the parties are on good terms and able to cooperate with each other. The Court will generally allow this unless there is evidence of abuse or neglect that cannot be overcome.

Some parents may decide to relocate, either with their children or without them. If the move is within a relatively close geographical area, it is very likely that the other parent will challenge this decision in court. An experienced Sacramento, California child custody attorney can help you develop a strategy to win a relocation case. Other complex situations that child custody lawyers often deal with involve international or interstate relocations. These issues require special expertise because they are governed by an entirely different set of laws. In these cases, it is important to have a lawyer who is familiar with both local and national laws regarding the custody of children.